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What you can do if your hot water does not get hot enough

Check and adjust the thermostat

One of the first things you should check if the hot water in your home is lukewarm, cold or even too hot is the thermostat on the hot water tank. It may sound like a reasonable solution, but many people don’t realize that the hot water tank has a thermostat that needs to be adjusted, and it can be accidentally adjusted when someone is working in the utility room and near the hot water tank.

Tripped hot water tank breaker

Electric hot water tanks use heating elements that run on electricity to heat the water in the tank. Like all electrical appliances, equipment, and devices, electric hot water tanks are susceptible to surges, short circuits, and other problems that can cause the breaker to trip.

Uncontrollable hot water demand

If you do a load of laundry in a fit of energy, fill the dishwasher, and then jump in the shower to relax, it’s likely that you’re using more hot water than the hot water tank has stored.

Sediment buildup

Homeowners who regularly struggle with hard water issues are likely familiar with sediment buildup at the bottom of the hot water tank. Over time, minerals in the water sink to the bottom of the tank and create a buildup. That can cause the water heater to run constantly to try to increase the heat of the water.

Leaking hot water tank

You need to fix the leak in the hot water tank as soon as possible.

Damaged or displaced immersion tube

Hot water heaters must be supplied with cold water, which is then heated. The hot water is taken from the upper part of the hot water tank, while the cold water is led to the bottom of the hot water tank via the immersion pipe.

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